MotoAmerica is partnering with ALT Sports Data to officially offer wagering on its races to fans. Photo by Brian J. Nelson

MotoAmerica, North America’s premier motorcycle road racing series and home of the AMA Superbike Championship, is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with ALT Sports Data, a leading provider of cutting-edge sports data and analytics solutions. Beginning with the start of MotoAmerica’s 10th season in 2024, ALT Sports Data will be the sole distributor of sports betting data for MotoAmerica’s race events, strengthening its leading position as a major operator in the sports data and betting market.

The partnership marks a significant milestone in the sports industry. MotoAmerica will be the first two-wheel motorsport to officially partner with ALT Sports Data, which will leverage its deep expertise to provide comprehensive and real-time data to sports betting operators, enabling them to offer unmatched betting experiences for fans of MotoAmerica. The collective effort between MotoAmerica and ALT Sports Data will allow sportsbook operators to create pre-event markets, as well as manage in-race odds, giving fans a new way to connect with the series.

MotoAmerica will provide access to its race timing data, allowing ALT Sports Data to collect, analyze, and distribute the data to licensed sports betting operators worldwide. Fans can look forward to a robust betting experience that offers real-time statistics, odds, and insights. The partnership gives MotoAmerica’s fans the opportunity to engage with teams and riders more than previously was possible, as well as having more information about what’s happening on the track through the sharing of information with ALT Sports Data.

“We know that this exclusive partnership with ALT Sports Data will transform the way fans around the world engage with our series and offer a more immersive experience for them than ever,” said Chuck Aksland, Co-Founder and COO of MotoAmerica. “Sports betting continues to grow on a global scale, our fans have been looking for an opportunity to wager on races, and now’s the perfect time for MotoAmerica to enter this industry, as the series is also experiencing positive growth.”

Todd Ballard, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of ALT Sports Data added “It’s our mission to drive more commerce around the sports we watch and love. As the official data partner of MotoAmerica—North America’s premier professional motorcycle road racing series—we are opening the door for a new and highly engaged audience to engage with the sport. Legal sports betting offers a new point of connection to these iconic sports, their world-class athletes and their global communities. And that translates to more fans and greater engagement.”

MotoAmerica, together with ALT Sports Data, is committed to maintaining the integrity of the sport. This partnership will uphold the highest standards of data accuracy and security, and through this collaboration, MotoAmerica looks to capitalize on the growing popularity of the series while ensuring a safe, secure, and entertaining betting experience for its fans around the world.

More information about this partnership will be announced at a later date.

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