The Mission King Of The Baggers series is a uniquely American motorcycle road racing championship involving two iconic brands of U.S. motorcycles: Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycle.

What started as a novel idea has become one of MotoAmerica’s most popular and fastest-growing race classes. Touring motorcycles from Harley-Davidson and Indian form the basis for Mission King Of The Baggers, but these motorcycles are far from gentle cruisers.

By the time the teams, aftermarket companies, and riders get done with these bikes, they are bona fide road racers with much-improved ground clearance, race-ready suspensions, aggressive ergonomics, and all sorts of engine modifications that deliver eye-popping performance.

OEM-style touring fairings and hard-sided bags are part of the formula and required race equipment, but even those are highly modified through the use of carbon fiber and other exotic materials.

Mission King Of The Baggers continues to grow in popularity each year, and it has also caught the attention of fans, teams, and race organizations around the world. At this point, there is no telling where and how Mission King Of The Baggers will evolve, but like the racing itself, the growth of the series will certainly be exciting to watch.

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