Episode one of “Pops’ Shop” features a motorcycle…with a car engine. Not something you see every day.

For fans who have attended MotoAmerica races and spent any time around the Westby Racing team transporter, you know that team owner Tryg Westby always has some interesting motorcycles to look at…along with the team’s #11 Westby Racing Yamaha YZF-R1 Superbike, of course. Whether it’s Tryg’s restored 1924 Harley-Davidson Model 24 JD and replica sidecar rig, his Spondon-framed Honda CBX, or his 1968 Yamaha YL-1 Twin Jet 100, he loves his wheels just as much as the fans and everyone else in the MotoAmerica paddock do.

Tryg Westby with his Spondon-framed CBX. Photo by Brian J. Nelson.

That love has spawned a new video series called “Pops’ Shop,” which is being produced in cooperation with MotoAmerica. In each episode, Tryg personally presents something from his eclectic collection of motorcycles and cars. Tryg writes his own scripts, team technician Dustin Meador is the videographer, and Tryg’s daughter Scarlett does the editing with assistance from the content team at MotoAmerica.

Look for more episodes of Pops’ Shop in the coming weeks and months.

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