Chris Ulrich has been ripping laps with a passenger on the Dunlop ECSTAR Suzuki Two-Seat Superbike for 22 years.

The following is from Team Hammer…

The Dunlop ECSTAR Suzuki Two-Seat Superbike program has passed the milestone of 1600 rides in its 22nd season of delivering mind-altering thrills while educating the public about the awesome sport of professional motorcycle road racing in general, and the MotoAmerica AMA/FIM North American Road Racing Championship in particular.

The long-standing program operated by Team Hammer, Inc. has proven to be an overwhelming success throughout its existence. For more than two decades, it has provided media members and VIPs – and, in more recent years, fans – a truly unforgettable experience otherwise only available to the most elite racers in the nation.

MotoAmerica is one of the world’s most spectacular sporting events, whether witnessed live in person or via television. However, even watching at the fence or on the screen can’t fully communicate the skill and excitement that come along with the gravity defying lean angles and astonishing acceleration and speed produced by a Superbike piloted by a national-caliber rider.

The Dunlop ECSTAR Suzuki Two-Seat Superbike offers a glimpse into that exclusive realm, and, as a result, has repeatedly transformed the uninitiated into motorcycle racing evangelists in a matter of laps.

“Other than actually doing it yourself, there is really no better way to understand what it’s like to race a Superbike in the MotoAmerica series than from the back of the Dunlop ECSTAR Suzuki Two-Seat Superbike,” said MotoAmerica President Wayne Rainey. “It’s awesome to see the response we get from those who do it when they finish their laps with Chris Ulrich. I’ve had friends give it a try and they always come back with a smile and a renewed respect for what it must be like to race a Superbike. Chris and crew do a great job of creating an experience that is unmatched.” 

“In 2022, we have reached another milestone by surpassing 1600 rides with the two-seater program,” said Dunlop ECSTAR Suzuki Two-seat Superbike pilot Chris Ulrich. “We’ve reached a diverse group of people with those rides, from people who have raced before, to others whom have never even ridden on a motorcycle, and everything in between. It’s been great to share the sport like this. It’s a very unique experience in professional sports, to go 175 mph on the banking at Daytona or to go down the middle straight at Road America. You don’t really see anything this immersive in other American sports. It is pretty unique to motorcycle road racing.”

Media, VIP, and fan rides are available on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of each MotoAmerica race weekend. Those can be purchased as part of a $500 package, which includes a three-day general admission ticket and weekend parking pass, and a $350 donation to the Roadracing World Action Fund (RWAF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit focusing on improving racetrack safety through education about and deployment of soft barriers.

Tickets can be purchased online at prior to each event.