Feuling’s 150-horsepower Harley-Davidson Road Glide is one of the bikes that will participate in the King of the Baggers Invitational race.
Jim Feuling’s incredible W3 engine.

From the company that produced the jaw-dropping W3—a three-cylinder W-configuration engine designed and developed by the late Jim Feuling that features a triple gear-driven cam, 4-inch bore and 4-inch stroke displacing 150 cubic inches and delivering 150 horsepower and 170 ft-lbs. of torque to the rear wheel—Feuling Parts’ latest endeavor is the bike they are building for the Drag Specialties MotoAmerica King of the Baggers Invitational race that will take place at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca during the MotoAmerica Superbike Speedfest, July-12.

Installing the Feuling 521 Race Series Camchest.

We checked in with Feuling’s Luke Leatherman, and he shared some photos and details about their Baggers Build. Their bike is a 2019 Harley-Davidson Road Glide that features a 124-cubic-inch V-twin engine with 4.5 inches of stroke in the crankshaft and connecting rods and pistons that are 4.185 inches in bore. The big-cube engine sports a Feuling 521 Race Series Camchest that includes a Highflow oiling system, Race Series lifters, and heavy duty, one-piece pushrods.

Feuling’s patented 2-into-1 AR exhaust.

The cylinder heads and intake manifold are ported, and beehive valve springs w/titanium retainers are included, while spent gases exit through a patented Feuling 2-into-1 triple-stepped AR (Anti-Reversion) exhaust with a dog ball resonator insert.

According to Leatherman, the bike is bristling with components from the team’s supporters, including Alloy Art, K&N Filters, Barnett Clutches & Cables, Horsepower Inc, Saddlemen, Legend Suspension, and Thrashin Supply.

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