“In the blink of an eye.” We say it all the time. But just how fast is the “blink of an eye?” Well, for the average human it’s .333 of a second. In MotoAmerica Liqui Moly Junior Cup action, the blink of an eye is an eternity because the average margin of victory in the four races held thus far in 2020 is .04 of a second. That’s right – .04 of a second.

BARTON Racing’s Dominic Doyle beat Norton Motorsports/Ninja400R/Dr. Farr/Wonder CBD-backed Rocco Landers to the checkered flag three times in the first three races of the season at Road America by margins of .078 of a second, .007 of a second and .006 of a second. In the fourth race, Landers turned the tables on Doyle and won by… .069 of a second.

Here are the clips of the photo finish in race one at Road America 1 with Doyle taking it to Landers by a yawning .078 of a second; and race 2 of MotoAmerica 2 with Landers getting his first win by .069 of a second.

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