MotoAmerica, the home of the AMA Superbike Series, and multi-media production studio Vortex Studios, which produces entertainment programming, including “Tabloid Wars” (NBC), “Fashion Star” (Bravo) and “ArtPrize (YouTube), have announced their collaboration to produce programming based on MotoAmerica’s events, racers and experience in the motorcycle world.

The new programming will cover all aspects of the motorcycling lifestyle from shows about celebrity motorcyclists to behind-the-scenes stories with current racers, up-and-coming young racers who strive to one day participate in MotoAmerica, the significant others of the men and women who compete in the series, and many other facets of the industry and the MotoAmerica culture.
“MotoAmerica is all about passion, competitiveness, speed and pushing yourself to be the best, said MotoAmerica President and three-time World Champion Wayne Rainey. “We want to showcase the diverse and fascinating world of motorcycling. MotoAmerica is the fastest, most thrilling and competitive two-wheeled sport in the U.S. and our athletes are world-class racers all battling to be the very best they can be. Through Vortex Studios efforts, we hope to bring the experiences of our racers, good and bad, into living rooms across the nation and we know it will make compelling content.”
“This is the next step in the evolution of our brand,” said MotoAmerica CEO Richard Varner. “MotoAmerica has seen incredible growth over the past five years and we are looking to expand our audience to include the casual fans who will discover us through the entertainment side of our world. We look forward to seeing what Vortex can do to showcase MotoAmerica in a different way.”
The two companies will target the release of this new programming to all non-sports platforms, including cable networks such as E! Network, Bravo and Discovery Channel as well as streaming platforms Netflix, Apple tv+, HBO Max and Amazon Prime and video-on-demand platforms YouTube and Facebook.
“Having produced programming for E! Network, Bravo and NBC, we feel that there is such great potential in bringing MotoAmerica’s brand and riders to wider audiences,” said James Deutch, CEO and Executive Producer of Vortex Studios. “The talent within MotoAmerica’s universe is incredible and the access to great stories and characters is very unique. We see huge potential to find great stories within MotoAmerica similar to what the NFL, UFC or NBA have done to build their brands beyond core fans.”
Currently MotoAmerica’s sport programming is seen on Fox Sports, NBC Sports Network and via MotoAmerica’s live streaming platform, MotoAmerica Live +.
The 2020 racing season begins on April 3-5 at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas.

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