Brandon Paasch is one of the MotoAmerica racers on the Roswell Bicycles Cycling team.

The following is from Roswell Bicycles…

GoPivot is proud to announce that it has taken on the primary sponsorship role of the Next Moto Champion presented by Roswell Bicycles Cycling team. The team was formed in 2013 and is comprised of top professional and former professional racers. The 2020 team includes former World Superbike Champ Scott Russell; FIM Superbike World Championship star Garrett Gerloff; MotoAmerica stars Bobby Fong, Jackson Blackmon, and Brandon Paasch; IMSA stars Andy Lally and Katherine Legge; and American Flat Track stars Brandon Robinson, Cory Texter, and Jarod Vanderkooi.

The team partners with nationally renowned Atlanta bicycle shop Roswell Bicycles, Giant Bicycles, Lazer Helmets, Gu Energy, Shimano and Giordana Cycling Apparel. For 2020 the team will be riding the 2020 Giant TCR Advanced SL Disc or the Giant Propel Advanced Pro Disc and wearing the Lazer G1 MIPS helmet and will be kitted in Giordana FR-C garments.

“GoPivot is dedicated to the wellbeing of our clients, our employees and are our communities,” said Tim Robinson GoPivot co-founder and cycling team member. “The Team is a natural extension of our brand as it is a group of top performing athletes who are committed to their training and being the best. That is what GoPivot does for our clients-we drive positive change that shape a top performing workforce.”

The GoPivot presented by Roswell Bicycles Cycling Team represents an international spectrum of racers that are serious cyclists, great brand ambassadors, and widely known professionals in the racing community.

You can follow each of the member’s cycling exploits and other endeavors on GoPivot’s social media accounts as well as their personal handles.

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