Riddle me this: Max Flinders aboard the “Sponsor ? / Mad Monkey Motorsports Indian Challenger at Daytona last month. Photo courtesy of Mad Monkey Motorsports.

Branon White spent his off-season the way a lot of racing team owners spend it, or more appropriately didn’t spend it. As MotoAmerica Senior Vice President Jeff Nasi puts it, “Chasing Money.” It should be printed on a T-shirt and given to pretty much every team owner and rider (especially the privateers) in the paddock. It’s what they do. It’s how they survive.

Mad Monkey Motorsports rider Max Flinders. Wait…being told that’s Frank Gorshin as The Riddler in the original Batman television series.

Coming into Daytona, White was still without a title sponsor. He initially entered his team as “Sponsor ? / Mad Monkey Motorsports” but, let’s just say, decorum prevented him from actually using that name on the entry list. The bike’s livery, however, was another story. The team and rider Max Flinders showed up at the “World Center of Racing” with an Indian Challenger resplendent in stylish erotremes. That’s actually what question marks are called, don’cha know? Technically, those are question marks for rhetorical questions, but White’s and Flinders’s question was anything but rhetorical. In fact, it was as pointed as you can get.

Who is going to sponsor us?

For Mad Monkey Motorsports, the question was answered. Flinders may have looked like he was racing the Riddlercycle at Daytona, but it caught people’s eyes, and a sponsor stepped up for this weekend’s Mission King Of The Baggers round at Circuit of The Americas and beyond.

“Dave Perewitz is a good friend, and he stepped up for us big time,” White said. “We’ve removed the question marks (erotremes, Branon), and we live to race another weekend. More to come.”

Look for Max Flinders and his Mad Monkey Motorsports Indian Challenger on track starting tomorrow through Saturday at COTA as the Mission King Of The Baggers Championship struts their stuff on the world stage alongside MotoGP.

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