So, you want to build a MotoAmerica Supersport racebike? Let Nolan Lamkin be your guide. Photo by Brian J. Nelson.

Remember when you learned about the concept of “sharing” in kindergarten? Well, Supersport rider Nolan Lamkin has never forgotten that important life lesson. He’s one of the most generous riders in the MotoAmerica paddock, in fact.

Lamkin is sharing his complete build sheet for the Yamaha YZF-R6 that he will race in this year’s MotoAmerica Supersport Championship. He includes a parts list, detailed photos, and even direct links to most of the components that make up his 2021 race bike, so you can study the list and photos, click on the links, and get all the stuff you need for your own build.

Here’s the rundown:

1. Controls


Robby Moto Competition Throttle

Source: Robby Moto Engineering


Zeta Flight Clip-Ons

Source: Cycle Gear

Clutch Lever

Galespeed Adjustable Clutch Lever

Source: Graves Motorsports

Front Brake Lever 

Galespeed 17 VRC

Source: Graves Motorsports


Domino MotoGP Grips

Source: Cycle Gear

Brake Lever Guard

Zeta Brake Lever Guard

Source: Cycle Gear


Graves Motorsports Rearsets

Source: Cycle Gear

2. Electronics

Wiring Harness

YEC Kit 

Source: Attack Performance



Source: Attack Performance

Auto Blip

TransLogic Blip-Assist Throttle Blipper

Source: Superbike Unlimited


Full Spectrum Power Pulse IPT P.1

Source: Full Spectrum Power

Handlebar Switches

OEM switch assembly on left handlebar. Motion Pro switch assembly on right handlebar. Auxiliary momentary switch adjacent to dash for changing engine modes (switches had to be rewired to function with the YEC Kit wiring harness)

Tail Light

Rear Bicycle Light

Source: Amazon

3. Data System


AiM Sports EVO5

Source: Superbike Unlimited


AiM Sports Front Potentiometer

AiM Sports Rear Potentiometer

AiM Sports Front Brake Pressure Sensor

Lambda Sensor (Air-Fuel Ratio)

CAN BUS Connector 

GS Dash

Source: Superbike Unlimited

Source: Pegasus Auto Racing

Front Potentiometer Upper Mount

Robby Moto Potentiometer Mount

Source: Robby Moto Engineering

Rear Potentiometer Upper Mount

Blue River Machining Potentiometer Mount

Source: Blue River Machining

Rear Potentiometer Lower Mount

McMaster-Carr M4 x 12mm Male-Female Threaded Standoff

Source: McMaster-Carr

4. Suspension

Front Forks

√Ėhlins FKR

Rear Shock

√Ėhlins TTX

Captive Pieces

Upper Shock Clevis

Lower Shock Clevis

Dog Bones

Source: FuziMoto

5. Steering Damper



Steering Damper Mounts (include steering stops for the air snorkel)

Source: HSBK Racing

6. Brakes

Brake Pads 


Source: Cycle Gear

Brake Rotors

EBC VEE rotors

Brake Reservoir Mount

SE Composites

Source: iOneMoto

7. Engine

Exhaust System

Graves Motorsports Full Exhaust

Source: Cycle Gear

Air Filter

OEM (intake funnel and guard removed)



Source: Cycle Gear

Case Covers

GB Racing

Source: Cycle Gear



Oil Filter


Oil Drain

Stahlbus Quick Drain


Engine Oil


Source: Cycle Gear

8. Cooling



Lamkin is not currently using a lower radiator because the Sharkskinz lower fairing he uses is filled in, which directs air flow into the radiator instead of through the pipe.


Samco Race Kit

Source: Samco/RaceBikeBitz

9. Quick-Change Rear Wheel

Complete Fast Frank Racing Kit

Source: Superbike Unlimited

Wheel Guide

Fast Frank Racing

Source: Superbike Unlimited

Captive Rear Brake Caliper

Fast Frank Racing

Source: Superbike Unlimited

Chain Tab

Fast Frank Racing

Source: Superbike Unlimited

Rear Stand Lifters

Fast Frank Racing

Source: Superbike Unlimited

10. Bodywork 


Source: iOneMoto

Seat Riser

FuziMoto (Nolan Lamkin spec)

Source: Fuzzy


Zero Gravity

Source: Cycle Gear

11. Chassis

Front Fairing Stay


Source: North East Cycle Outlet

Rear Subframe 


Source: North East Cycle Outlet

A final note from Lamkin: “Thank you so much for reading all about my 2021 Supersport Yamaha R6 build. I hope you’re able to learn something from it, and that I could help in some way.”

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