Finding The Finish’s Raymond Rizzo and RaceLine Ministry’s Mark Merical are well-known in the MotoAmerica paddock for the great work they do to make the paddock a tight-knit community. Photo by Brian J. Nelson.

When the MotoAmerica paddock sets up on a race weekend, it resembles a small town. The “streets” throughout the paddock are lined with houses, which are the transporters, trailers, box vans, and canopies where each of the teams and riders live during the weekend.

And, like many small towns in America, the MotoAmerica paddock also has a community center. It is a place where the paddock’s inhabitants, including the fans, can gather, seek counsel, worship, or just spend some time in quiet contemplation.

The people in charge of MotoAmerica’s community center are Raymond Rizzo, Mark Merical, John Dodson, and Tony Acosta. Led by Rizzo, these four men work tirelessly for the teams and racers, encouraging and comforting them in times of need; praying for them on the starting grid; assisting the track officials, cornerworkers, emergency medical professionals, and MotoAmerica Medical Director Dr. Raymond Rossi when riders are injured; and delivering inspirational messages during the chapel services that are held on Sunday.

Over the years, Rizzo and his band of merry men have displayed amazing resourcefulness in providing and maintaining a MotoAmerica community center, and they have relied on borrowed RV’s, shared team paddock facilities, and makeshift gathering places to provide a designated location for the multitude of services they provide to the teams, crew members, racers, MotoAmerica staff members and volunteers, and also the fans.

The Finding The Finish Community Center, or “FTFCC” for short, has long been a goal for Rizzo, Merical, Dodson, and Acosta, and a lot of people in the MotoAmerica community. The hope is that the goal will soon be reached.

An “artist’s conception” right now, but with your help, the FTFCC can become a reality.

Through a fundraising effort going on right now, the mission is to raise $300,000, which will be used to purchase an official Community Center for the MotoAmerica paddock. To wit, the proposed Community Center is a pre-owned Haulmark Freightliner Columbia RV (or similar), a pre-owned tow-behind trailer, and a full canopy system.

$300,000 is a lot of money, but Rizzo is confident that MotoAmerica, its teams and racers, staff and volunteers, and its fans can raise the funds needed to turn the dream into a reality.

1. To become a FTFCC fundraiser, text “FTFCC” to “71777” or go to

2. Customize your fundraiser page with your photo

3. Donate on your own fundraiser page

4. Share your fundraiser page with your contacts via Facebook and Twitter, and also through email and text messages

Individuals who donate will have their names displayed on the sides of the Finding The Finish Community Center.

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