Monster Energy Attack Performance Yamaha’s Cameron Beaubier was the fastest of the fast on the opening day of HONOS Superbike qualifying at the Ridge Motorsports Park. Photo by Brian J. Nelson

Monster Energy Attack Performance Yamaha’s Cameron Beaubier continued his 2020 HONOS Superbike season domination today in the opening qualifying session at the Ridge Motorsports Park, the championship points leader lapping at 1:40.358 to best the rest by over a second.

Beaubier’s best came on the 14th lap and it was 1.029 seconds quicker than Westby Racing’s Mathew Scholtz, the South African’s fastest lap a 1:41.387. Beaubier’s best was a lap record in MotoAmerica’s debut race at the track in the Pacific Northwest.

Third fastest heading into tomorrow’s Superpole session was Beaubier’s teammate Jake Gagne. Gagne’s best lap was a 1:42.010 – 1.652 seconds slower than Beaubier.

M4 ECSTAR Suzuki’s Toni Elias continues to search for his mojo on his GSX-R1000 and he improved to the fourth fastest time, one spot higher than his teammate Bobby Fong.

Italian Lorenzo Zanetti rode the Celtic HSBK Racing Ducati Panigale V4 R to the sixth best time, half a second behind Fong and .326 of a second ahead of Scheibe Racing BMW’s Josh Herrin. FLY Racing ADR Motorsports’ David Anthony, Rock & Son’s Jason Uribe and Anthony’s teammate Bradley Ward completed the top 10 on the opening day.

The Supersport war between HONOS Kawasaki’s championship points leader Richie Escalante and M4 ECSTAR Suzuki’s Sean Dylan Kelly continued on opening day at the Ridge, the two fighting for the top spot in Q1 with Kelly and his 1:44.204 getting the nod over Escalante’s 1:44.822. Altus Motorsports’ Kevin Olmedo was third with a best of 1:45.375.

Norton Motorsports/Ninja400R/Dr. Farr/Wonder CBD Rocco Landers bested Celtic HSBK Racing’s Samuel Lochoff by a tick over half a second to lead the way in the Liqui Moly Junior Cup class. BARTCON Racing’s Dominic Doyle was third fastest.

Altus Motorsports’ Cameron Petersen led the way in the Stock 1000 class with his 1:43.362. Ride HVMC Racing’s Corey Alexander was second fastest with Alex Dumas bouncing back from a crash on the M4 ECSTAR Suzuki to finish the day third fastest.

The final session of the day was the Twins Cup and Landers continued to lead the way on his Sportbike Suzuki with a lap time that was 1.7 seconds faster than Robem Engineering’s Jackson Blackmon. Syndicate Racing/Apex Assassins’ Jason Madama ended up third with championship leader Kaleb De Keyrel fourth.

Superbike Q1

  1. Cameron Beaubier (Yamaha) 1:40.358
  2. Mathew Scholtz (Yamaha) 1:41.387
  3. Jake Gagne (Yamaha) 1:42.010
  4. Toni Elias (Suzuki) 1:42.243
  5. Bobby Fong (Suzuki) 1:42.256
  6. Lorenzo Zanetti (Ducati) 1:42.782
  7. Josh Herrin (BMW) 1:43.108
  8. David Anthony (Suzuki) 1:43.407
  9. Jayson Uribe (Honda) 1:44.213
  10. Bradley Ward (Kawasaki) 1:44.461

Supersport Q1

1. Sean Dylan Kelly (Suzuki) 1:44.204
2. Richie Escalante (Kawasaki) 1:44.822
3. Kevin Olmedo (Suzuki) 1:45.375
4. Brandon Paasch (Yamaha) 1:45.627
5. Xavier Zayat (Yamaha) 1:46.166
6. Lucas Silva (Suzuki) 1:46.219
7. Nate Minster (Yamaha) 1:47.046
8. Jaret Nassaney (Suzuki) 1:46.574
9. Alejandro Thermiotis (Yamaha) 1:47.601
10. Nolan Lamkin (Yamaha) 1:48.493

Liqui Moly Junior Cup Q1

  1. Rocco Landers (Kawasaki) 1:53.420
  2. Samuel Lochoff (Kawasaki) 1:53.973
  3. Dominic Doyle (Kawasaki) 1:54.417
  4. Benjamin Gloddy (Kawasaki) 1:55.798
  5. Jack Roach (Kawasaki) 1:56.114
  6. Liam Grant (Kawasaki) 1:56.365
  7. David Kohlstaedt (Kawasaki) 1:56.365
  8. Errol Sullivan (Kawasaki) 1:56.559
  9. Blake Davis (Kawasaki) 1:56.902
  10. Aden Thao (Kawasaki) 1:57.751

Stock 1000

  1. Cameron Petersen (Suzuki) 1:43.362
  2. Corey Alexander (Kawasaki) 1:44.037
  3. Alex Dumas (Suzuki) 1:44.216
  4. Andy DiBrino (Kawasaki) 1:44.361
  5. Michael Gilbert (1:44.673
  6. Travis Wyman (BMW) 1:44.874
  7. Adam Roberts (Suzuki) 1:45.019
  8. Danilo Lewis (BMW) 1:45.624
  9. Hunter Dunham (Yamaha) 1:46.905
  10. Volga Mermut (BMW) 1:49.784

Twins Cup Q1

  1. Rocco Landers (Suzuki) 1:48.351
  2. Jackson Blackmon (Suzuki) 1:50.107
  3. Jason Madama (Yamaha) 1:50.445
  4. Kaleb De Keyrel (Yamaha) 1:50.711
  5. Toby Khamsouk (Suzuki) 1:50.732
  6. Cooper McDonald (Yamaha) 1:52.038
  7. Trevor Standish (Suzuki) 1:52.505
  8. Dustin Walbon (Suzuki) 1:55.255
  9. Alex Taylor (Yamaha) 1:55.377
  10. Sam West (Suzuki) 1:56.346