Dunlop’s Cori Maynard doing her work during a MotoAmerica race weekend at AnyTrack, USA. Photo courtesy of Dunlop

If you happen to peek into the controlled chaos that is the Dunlop compound during a MotoAmerica weekend, you’ll find tire fitters fitting tires to rims as quickly and efficiently as possible. Keep looking and somewhere in the mayhem you’ll also find Dunlop’s Motorsports Logistics Coordinator Cori Maynard, busy as always as she takes care of the business side of things for MotoAmerica’s tire supplier. Merge the two together and you get a well-oiled machine.

What was your introduction to the motorcycle world?

My very first motorcycle race was Daytona 2008. I had no idea what to expect. Arriving at the massive facility, entering through the tunnel, the sounds, people and the highs and lows of racing. It was an amazing week, and I am forever grateful to Dunlop and the motorcycle community for allowing me to have a career in racing and welcoming me into an amazing community.

What led you to the motorcycle industry?

I started with Dunlop in 2001 in the finance department. In 2008, I transitioned to the road race team. Having no prior knowledge of racing, I was fortunate enough to be trained under some of the industry’s best – Jim Allen, Mike Buckley, Dave Watkins, and Mick Jackson. I have been working and supporting motorcycle racing and events ever since.

What part of the job do you enjoy the most?

I get to apply my background in accounting in a non-traditional workplace that is fast-paced and exciting. Each day is different, no two days are alike. There are always new challenges and opportunities to learn from and, of course, the people.

What part of the job is the most difficult?

There are many challenges that come along with the job. There is a ton of preparation leading up to a race. I am responsible for the logistics of tires, staff, trucks, equipment, and everything in between. There are a lot of moving parts and if there is one hiccup or failure, it can make for a strenuous weekend.

What do you like to do when you’re not at the tracktrack?

I have not figured that out yet. I enjoy working! It is a running joke amongst family and friends.