Steve Radley is the man behind MotoAmerica’s serialized TV show “Pressure To Rise,” which is moving to the fall for the 2024 season. Radley does it all on the show as its producer. He shoots, he edits, and he directs. On race weekends he can be found on hot pit filming or in a make-shift studio conducting interviews with the stars of MotoAmerica. To view a trailer for this year’s “Pressure To Rise,” visit

What was your introduction to the motorcycle world?

My dad had a Yamaha 650 when I was really young and had an agreement with my mom that he couldn’t give me or my brother a ride on it. So, I would sit on it in the garage and make the vroom-vroom noises and imagine I was riding. My brother and some older kids in the neighborhood had dirt bikes and I would ride every now and then. I eventually got into ball sports and got pulled in that direction. 

What led to you working in the MotoAmerica paddock?

I worked on some other shows with Jason Wald, one of the directors of the live broadcasts, and he gave me a ring the first year LDM Worldwide worked all the broadcasts. We produced “Inside MotoAmerica” with Hannah Lopa as our host the first two seasons, then shifted over to “Pressure To Rise”  

What part of the job do you enjoy the most?

Building relationships with some really good people. There are some great people all over the paddock. The hard work, passion and dedication is inspiring to witness. I end up cheering for everyone’s success. Unfortunately, there’s only one top step of the podium.

What part of the job is the most difficult?

Rolling with the changes in real time. Dealing with the challenges of logistics and trying to cover multiple stories or events that are happening at the same time. The decision to cover one over the other has to be made quickly.  

What do you like to do when you’re not at the racetrack?

I’m always watching a quality serialized show on the streaming networks or going to movies. I like camping, golfing, and I loved CrossFit but I had to give it up after some injuries.

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