Dr. Raymond Rossi (right) and his assistant Jim Buskirk (left) tend to the health and well-being of MotoAmerica’s greatest assets: the riders.

It’s no secret that the risk of injury is inherent in the sport of motorcycle road racing. The riders who compete in the MotoAmerica Series are equipped with some of world’s best safety equipment. From topnotch helmets, to airbag-equipped leather racing suits, to gloves and boots made of advanced protective materials, the racers are girded from head to toe with gear designed to eliminate or reduce injury. Even their motorcycles are outfitted with safety equipment like brake and clutch lever guards, oil containment systems, tipover kill switches, etc., all designed to protect the rider.

And, on the occasion when a MotoAmerica rider is injured, the Series employs a medical staff, led by Dr. Raymond Rossi, that is on site during every race weekend and always at the ready to attend to injured riders.

Dr. Rossi has been with MotoAmerica since the Series’ inception in 2015. But, unlike “The Doctor” in MotoGP who also happens to have the same last name of “Rossi,” MotoAmerica’s Dr. Rossi is a fully licensed physician.

MotoAmerica COO Chuck Aksland and the MotoAmerica medical staff communicate regularly during race weekends. Photo by Brian J. Nelson.

And, speaking of MotoGP, MotoAmerica’s Dr. Rossi has actually served as the FIM Chief Medical Officer during the MotoGP events held at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, as well as at World Superbike rounds at both Laguna Seca and Miller Motorsports Park (now known as Utah Motorsports Campus).

Dr. Rossi has been involved in motorcycle racing-related medical care for nearly three decades and, in recent years, he has been joined in the MotoAmerica paddock by Jim Buskirk, who serves as his assistant. In addition, Buskirk is a PhD Candidate in Exercise Sciences/Exercise Physiology at the University of Miami, Florida.

The doctor (and his assistant) is “in” during every MotoAmerica race weekend. Photo by Brian J. Nelson.

Because Dr. Rossi and Buskirk are an integral part of the MotoAmerica paddock, they know the racers personally, and the racers know them. The familiarity provides a lot of benefits related to such things as rider concussion protocol, ongoing rider care, training regimens, nutrition, rehab procedures, and physical therapy for faster recovery from injuries. Dr. Rossi and Jim Buskirk are part of the response team when a rider is injured in a crash, and they help facilitate the process if an injured racer needs to be transported to a hospital.

As we’ve said before, the MotoAmerica paddock is like a small town and, when it comes to expert medical care, Dr. Rossi and Jim Buskirk are not only part of the community, but they even make “house” calls in the MotoAmerica paddock.

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