Double vision? Nope, it’s Brogan Richards and Rich Foster, on two different motorcycles, in another BellissiMoto Twins Cup battle for position. Photo by Brian J. Nelson.

At MotoAmerica, we take a lot of pride in how close and exciting the racing is in our series. Every race class is known for its bar-banging battles, breathtaking overtakes, and photo finishes.

Travis Richards sent us this photo from last Saturday’s BellissiMoto Twins Cup race one at Barber Motorsports Park. The prodigious rain had just stopped, and the clouds parted to let the sun shine through. For those of you who were there, the lighting and colors on and around the track were magnificent, and intrepid MotoAmerica photographer Brian J. Nelson got some amazing shots on top of all the other amazing shots he captures all weekend long at every MotoAmerica round.

Look closely at the photo. No, that’s not Chris Ulrich giving some lucky passenger an e-ticket ride on the Dunlop ECSTAR Suzuki Two-Seat Superbike. It’s Travis’s son Brogan Richards aboard his TCB Racing Suzuki SV650 with Moto Moto Racing’s Rich Foster attempting to stuff his Aprilia RS 660 up the inside of 6 foot, 6-inch Richards. Yes, you read that right. At 78 inches tall, Richards is the tallest rider in MotoAmerica. And, he just turned 19 on May 9, so he may not be done growing yet.

No worries, there is still lots of room for him in MotoAmerica, even with the on-track action this close.

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