Stroll through the paddock at any given time during a MotoAmerica race weekend and you’ll usually find a small gathering of racers hanging out at the Arai rider service booth. There are a few reasons for the gatherings. First and foremost, they are there to pick up or drop off their helmets to Bo Weston, the man in charge of making sure all those using Arai helmets are well taken care of with new visors, etc. for not only the races but also for every on-track session. Secondly, they are there to chit-chat with Bo and their racing peers.

What was your introduction to the motorcycle world?

My dad was big into motorsports/motorcycles and was involved in everything motorsports related, so that passion for the sport was shared with me since the day I was born.

What led to you working in the MotoAmerica paddock?

I had the opportunity to work at Arai Helmets right out of high school. A few months into to working for them, a spot in the race program opened, and I started doing the MotoAmerica road race program/service back in 2021.

What part of the job do you enjoy the most?

I really like what I do, and I enjoy working with the people around me. I’ve met some of my closest friends doing this job with a lot of good laughs and memories.

What part of the job is the most difficult?

Being the Arai helmet guy, I have a lot of responsibility in making sure all our riders are safe. Not only is the helmet one of the most important safety pieces of equipment, it’s also important to make sure the helmet/visor is clean. If there’s any dirt on the visor or fogging of the visor, the lack of perfect vision could be the difference between a first-place finish or a sixth-place finish.

What do you like to do when you’re not at the racetrack? When I’m not working, I’m usually riding my dirt bikes or motorcycles. When I’m not riding, I’m working on my project bikes/cars.

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