Rossi Moor had a perfect opening round of the MotoAmerica Mini Cup by Motul.

The following is from Forza GP…

Rossi Moor (Portland, OR) put on a masterful performance in the opening round of the MotoAmerica MiniCup by Motul series at Road America. The twelve-year old ForzaGP Snipers Junior Team rider displayed his natural talent by setting the fastest lap in official practice, securing pole position for the 160cc and 190cc heat races, and winning heat races and mains in both the 160cc class (by a 5.6 second margin) and the 190cc class (by a 6.1 second margin)—effectively ending the weekend unbeaten. 

Struggling with initial setup during practice, Rossi found his pace early on and consistently lowered his lap times. The track’s elevation changes created gearing challenges and some of the competitors were pushing hard and putting on the pressure. Rossi and the ForzaGP Snipers Junior Team focused on finding the right setup and adjusted the strategy accordingly.

For the 190cc heat race, Rossi was penalized for entering the grid late due to a faulty tire pressure gauge and had to start in the back after qualifying on pole. Rossi got an excellent start off the line and regained six spots. With only nine laps to move through the pack, Rossi fought hard and regained the lead on the last lap to secure the win.

“It was a difficult weekend for me. We had a problem setting up the bikes throughout the weekend, but I was able to drop my lap times every time I went out in practice and qualifying. I love the track layout. It had amazing elevation changes. 

“Thank you to everybody who helped me throughout the weekend. Thanks to my managers, Nathan Fitzgerald with ForzaGP and Stefano Favaro with Snipers Junior Team. Thank you to Renzo Ferriera for the coaching, Tim and Jessica Banish, Brandon Cretu and Ohvale USA for the support, and to all the techs who helped get me out there. I can’t wait for Pittsburgh!”

Team manager and ForzaGP founder, Nathan Fitzgerald commented on Rossi’s round one performance; “I’m constantly blown away by Rossi’s talent. Seeing him come from the back of the grid and win in the 190cc heat race was one of the most impressive motorsport performances I’ve witnessed—and from a twelve-year old kid. He pushed the bike to the ragged edge. I won’t forget it for as long as I live. The competition is tough this year and it’s only going to get tougher. I know these kids are hungry. We’ll keep our head down and get back to work for round two.

I am very grateful to MotoAmerica, Lance Bryson and Brandon Cretu for putting this series together. They have a vision for the future of American road racing, and I’m all in!”

Round two of the MotoAmerica MiniCup by Motul will take place at Pittsburgh International Race Complex kart track, Wampum, PA on August 7-8 during round four of the MotoAmerica Superbike series. 

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