The biggest story of the weekend at Road America may not be who wins the two Steel Commander Superbike races, or who comes out of the Mission King Of The Baggers Championship battle on top in Elkhart Lake, the biggest story is likely the return of Kevin Olmedo.

In 2022, Olmedo was partially paralyzed and diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome – a rare disorder in which the patient’s immune system attacks the body’s nerves. Guillain-Barre Syndrome can be fatal. A day after being hospitalized, Olmedo couldn’t eat or blink and he couldn’t close his eyelids, which were taped closed so he could sleep. This went on for three months.

Today the 23-year-old from El Salvador made his return to the MotoAmerica Championship and ended his first session in the BellissiMoto Twins Cup class second fastest. Yes, you read that right. Second fastest.

We caught up with the likeable Olmedo after that first session. To say he is happy and relieved would be an understatement.