A Honda Grom bristling with parts and accessories of all kinds sourced from Greg Hatcher’s company MNNTHBX. Photo courtesy of MNNTHBX.

Greg Hatcher can’t buy a vowel, but he sure can sponsor a MotoAmerica race series. “MNNTHBX” is the preposterous name for Hatcher’s prosperous business, which designs, fabricates, sources, and sells all kinds of high-quality hop-up parts for small- to medium-displacement motorcycles. But what’s with the name “MNNTHBX”? How do you even pronounce that word? More on Hatcher’s consonant-overloaded business name later, but for now, let’s find out how Hatcher hatched this whole crazy thing.

Where it all started for Greg Hatcher and MNNTHBX. With a Ruckus, in more ways than one. Photo courtesy of MNNTHBX.

It all started with a Ruckus. A Honda Ruckus, to be precise, that 50cc, rear-engine, feet-forward mash-up between a scooter, a skateboard, and a mini-bike that captured the hearts and minds of Hatcher and his friends back in 2010. At the time, the Hatcher gang was into personal watercraft, and Hatcher bought a Ruckus to run errands and get himself from one place to another around the lake.

“I was working for the State of Tennessee, making pretty good money with a meat thermometer,” Hatcher said. “At night, I was creating parts for jet skis, and before long, I started designing some parts for my Ruckus, just to make it unique. I posted photos of some of my Ruckus mods on the forums, and people started asking if they could buy my stuff. The parts were really popular, and my day job started getting in the way of designing and making parts, so I quit working for the state and went all-in on making and selling Ruckus parts.

“I’m a big fan of ‘Alice In Chains,’ and I originally wanted my screen name on the forums to be ‘Man In The Box’ (one of AIC’s most popular songs). Well, that was already taken, so I just took all the vowels out of it, which left me with ‘MNNTHBX’ for my screen name. Then, when I created my business, I stuck with the name that all the people on the forums—my customers—already knew.”

Hatcher says naming his company “MNNTHBX” was “the worst business decision ever,” but I beg to differ. As a former ad agency copywriter who has named a lot of now-trademarked products and services over the years, I think MNNTHBX is brilliant. It’s unique, catchy, and memorable. And, even though, at first, you can’t pronounce it, once you know…you know.

From the company’s beginning as a purveyor of various add-ons and doo-dads for the Honda Ruckus, MNNTTHBX has expanded to encompass parts and accessories for pretty much every small-displacement bike you can think of—Benelli TNT135s, CFMOTO Papios, Kawasaki Z125s, SSR Razkulls, all sorts of pit bikes, and especially, the Honda Grom.

MotoAmerica’s Street GP class has a minimum age limit of 12 years old, but no maximum age limit. In other words, have at it, Grom Nation.

The majority of our business is focused on parts and accessories for the Honda Grom,” Hatcher said. “We love that bike.” Who doesn’t? The versatile little 125cc machine represents the very epitome of the iconic marketing phrase, “You meet the nicest people on a Honda.” When I see groups of people in my area all riding Groms and congregated at a convenience store or pizza place, I always smile, and I also always make a point to tell them how delighted I am to see them. That’s the grassroots of motorcycling. They buy Groms, and they’re ambassadors for our sport.

MotoAmerica added the “Street GP” class to the Mission Mini Cup By Motul Championship with the full intention of including owners of Honda Groms, as well as Benelli TNTs, CFMOTO Papios, Kawasaki Z125s, and SSR Razkulls. And, while the rest of the Mini Cup series has an age limit of 17 years old, there is no age limit for Street GP. “Everyone loves racing Groms,” said Hatcher. “Kids and adults alike. It’s great fun for everyone, and that’s a big reason why we’re sponsoring Mini Cup this year. For the Street GP class. That’s our core customer.”

What’s next for MNNTHBX? Well, one thing’s for sure, Greg Hatcher may be the Man In The Box, but you definitely can’t keep him there. “I’ll be going to some Mini Cup rounds, of course,” Hatcher said. “Meeting with my customers, doing some field research, and seeing what else we can create and manufacture to make racing and riding mini-bikes even better and more fun for everyone.”

To find out more about MNNTHBX, visit them online at https://mnnthbx.com

The Mission Mini Cup By Motul Championship’s “Road To Road America” and the National Championship on August 9 through 11 begins this weekend with the opening round of the East Coast Championship on March 29 through 31 at Bushnell Motorsports Park in Bushnell, Florida. In addition, the 2Wheel Track Days National Qualifier also gets under way on March 30 and 31 at Apex Racing Center in Perris, California.

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